Welcome to Wear Your Voice

Returns and other stuff!


I want you to be happy with your purchase and always happy to exchange items.

If you wish to return something because I sent you the wrong colour, size, design or whatever possible thing I could bugger up, (i'm only human it happens sometimes) I will do you up a new one and send it out with a stamp address enverlop to put the other item back into the post to me.

If you bought something and buggered up (its ok I know your human too :) and say you decided you didn't like the colour, or ordered the wrong size, i'm happy to exchange but will ask you to pay for the postage cost I hope this is cool :)

Other stuff

Wear Your Voice is run by Angela and Phil, with the help of our 3 rescue staffies, Stella, Raven and Bryn. we are passionate about veganism and trying to do out bit to make the world a better  place for all living beings.